Vertical Pump KDV

1. Dry vapor seal can ensure to avoid motors and bearings from being etched by chemical gas. While a
    pump is operating, chemical gas through pores between the extended boards and the frame of motor
    is exhausted.
2. Because of the C-Clip, it can prevent the impeller from moving and loosing during the operation.
3. The in-outlet of pump can be extended so that it becomes more convenient to draw the chemical
    solution from tank.
4. Pumps are produced with standardized models and the materials of pump body are chosen
    depending on the mechanical solution (FRPP, CFRPP, CPVC, PVDF). The weight of pump compares
    with others in the market is lighter. Moreover, it is assembled easily and safely.
5. With highly effective aluminum motor and insulation class F, vertical pumps apply in normal situation
    and all kinds of environments.
6. Pumps can be operated in dry running without water.

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