Are you in need of a professional air blower repair unit?
ASIATECH  is always ready to assist you with any problem of air blower. If you need a qualified company, fast processing capacity with warranty and spare parts to ensure quality contact the Technical Department of ASIATEC:
Upon receipt of your request, we will promptly dispatch the specialist to the processing site immediately. If the spare parts are replaced, Nam Phat will propose the solution, send the price quotation and carry out repairs soon after.
Please contact ASIATECH Our experienced gas blowers specialists will provide technical support, advice and troubleshooting immediately. We commit to serve customers in a professional way with: correct problem, cost optimization, ensure progress, warranty perfect, prestige, sustainable.
Here are some common problems and solutions of the air blower:
  • Roto rotary blower is rusted or stuck by foreign objects. Clean the rotor or the appliance
  • Sling Belt Align or replace
  • Engine not running Check engine and power supply
  • Flue gas leakage Leakage on pipe Tighten the connector
  • Leakage at safety valve Align valve
  • Stretch strap Increases strap tension
  • Worn clearance Re-establish proper clearances
  • Unusual sound and vibration Unsteady belt Alignment
  • Insufficient cooling oil Add more oil
  • Weird substances in the cleaning equipment
  • Knocking Retime rotors
  • Broken gear Replace the gears
  • Broken bearings
  • Safety Valve Alignment
  • The oil is leaking. Too much oil. Reducing the amount of oil
  • Damaged oil seals or gaskets Replace them
  • The oil drain or oil stop is not tight

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